is based on the open source blockchain system smart contract issuance

is based on the decentralized offline Two-Way Payment access tool developed by ERC20.

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Technical Architecture of ETPC

Doublel Offline Payment

The payer only needs to provide the offline qr code, and the receiver can scan the qr code to complete the transaction.

Account Management

Users can create one or more accounts in the wallet and perform related account operations.

Quantum Entanglement Encryption

ETP adopts quantum entanglement technology, which is a secure encryption technology for information transmission.

Asymmetric Encryption

Speed can meet the requirements of large data, and high security, can well ensure the security of the system.

Multi-chain Parallelism

The cross-chain value exchange market provided by cross-chain satisfies the free and equal circulation of value in different subjects.

Consensus Mechanism -- POC

Support the replacement and removal of all core functional modules including consensus mechanism.

Equity Proof -- POS

Similar to assets stored in a bank, this model assigns you COINS based on the amount and duration of your digital currency holdings.

Smart Contract

ETP builds intelligent contracts that combine non-turing complete main chains with Turing complete side chains.

Transaction Signature

Every trade is connected.

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Issuance Plan

In order to better improve the structure and build the product ecology, ETPC will allocate 1 billion etps in the ETPC digital asset payment tool to protect the interests of users at all levels.
  • 60% - Ecological development
  • 22.5% - Dig
  • 10% - The core team
  • 5% - Technical community
  • 2.5% - Organizations and partners

Digital virtual currency -ETPC TOKEN(ETPC for short):

ETPC TOKEN is a kind of settlement virtual currency based on ETPC public chain, which is used to exchange and settle other currencies on the block chain platform. ETPC TOKEN is a medium of exchange provided by ETPC digital payment platform for user transactions.

ETPC is the only virtual currency in the public chain of the entire ETPC ecosystem. Any cross-sub-chain data interaction and asset exchange need to consume ETPC as service fee. After the formation of the ecosystem, cross-chain data interaction becomes a high-frequency event, and the demand for Token is constantly increased. The owner of virtual currency has the original distribution right of the development direction of the public chain.

Name: Europe Two-way payment
For short: ETPC
Total number of stamps issued: 1 Billion
Properties: Based on ERC development, later upgrade to the public chain.


  • 1

    In the early planning

    Complete the initial design work and project preparation, payment system development, double offline payment test, improve the product, at the same time, expand the popularity and improve the recognition.

  • 2

    In the Medium-term planning

    Expand the blockchain, promote optimization, community publicity, global publicity, greatly improve the popularity, issue tokens on the ER2.0 platform, circulation, collection, trade in the global scope.

  • 3

    In the late planning

    Expand e-commerce and blockchain sectors, integrate resources with other sectors, open shopping malls online and offline, select cooperative organizations and partners, build more application scenarios, and create a complete and powerful business empire.


The members of the ETPC operation team are enthusiastic, self-motivated, ambitious and capable. They adhere to integrity, dedication, responsibility and dedication.


Senior Engineer

Kenneth is a blockchain enthusiast. He has been engaged in the blockchain industry for 6 years. He was once invited by 50 blockchain projects as a consultant.

Ryan Brewer

Chief engineering finance investment management

Ryan Brewer is a registered CFA and CAIA and a member of RICS. Ryan Brewer handles various types of valuation and financial modeling tasks such as derivatives trading, public offerings, financing, joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions, litigation support/expert witness. Ryan Brewer has participated in more than 400 valuation assessments over the past decade, with a total estimated valuation of more than hk $160 billion. It involves different businesses, financial instruments, intangible assets and fixed assets. It covers a wide range of industries, including technology, financial services, real estate development projects and shopping malls.

Media Evaluation

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Here we introduce ETPC and other questions. If you have any other questions, please use the following contact information to contact us.

What is The Blockchain?

Blockchain is a kind of chain data structure which combines the data blocks in sequence according to the time sequence, and guarantees the distributed ledger which can not be tampered with or forged by means of cryptography. Block chain is the essence of a distributed billing systems, encryption and digital assets (such as COINS) is carrying on the system in the form of digital asset or currency, namely the encrypted digital assets is the characterization of charge to an account, and chain block is a set of distributed, its underlying encryption, credible and liquidation system of charge to an account.

What are the significant advantages of blockchain?

1. Distributed.

2. Open.

3. Difficult to tamper with/unique and believable.

4. Stealth/security.

What is ETPC?

Europe two-way Payment (hereinafter referred to as ETPC) is a block chain offline two-way Payment project initiated by BCC of the Hungarian government. BCC is a block chain research institute of Hungary and a block chain organization led by the Hungarian government with research, investment and other businesses.

ETPC based on ERC20 developed a decentralized offline two-way payment tool. We define “payment passthrough” as a kind of technical standard that does not restrict the form of currency, and realizes two-way payment through blockchain/takes “dual offline payment”, even if both parties are offline, i.e. no longer in the network. Technology that allows users to make payments even when the Internet is down, as long as their phones have power.

A major technical breakthrough for ETPC

ETPC has achieved a major technical breakthrough in the field of payment, breaking the technical barrier of dual offline payment for the first time, and reaching a new cryptocurrency and legal tender payment mode, enabling users to make payments based on legal tender transactions under “offline conditions”. In a long time of technology research and development, we have found a way for the centralized payment system to be compatible with the cryptocurrency payment system. Without destroying the original ecology of the centralized payment system, we can directly access the cryptocurrency payment system to build a decentralized payment system that supports transactions in any form of currency. At the same time, based on block chain technology and wireless technology characteristics, developed with tampering with the “double offline payment”, this technology breakthrough means encryption currency and decentralized payment into the nature, from centralized natural transition to decentralized payment, from the condition of “online” to “offline”.


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  • Notice!

    To etpc global preacher

    During the upgrade of public chain, we have officially cooperated with aifaex exchange of Singapore, and are expected to go online by the end of August 2020, and start to trade with BTC, ETH, usdt and other currencies and contracts

    With the support of dual offline technology, after logging into the contract exchange, it is believed that etpc can become a dark horse in the investment field. Let’s work hard to strengthen the sharing and let more preachers share the feast together!



    Etpc global operations center